Welcome to Cloisterham Tales! This site gives access behind the scenes of our sister site The Drood Inquiry, an interactive investigation of The Mystery of Edwin Drood that went live in September 2014 and allows you to say how the story ends. As the site continues to develop, the team will be keeping you updated here by sharing news, sneak peeks and thoughts on the tangled web of Drood and it’s many, many, MANY solutions.

The Drood Inquiry partially opened in April 2014 when we released digital scans of the original story, one month at a time, leading up to the grand unveiling of the full site in September. You can follow our progress as we read the story one part at a time by clicking on “Edwin Drood Readalong” and the appropriate month. For information on the project, and early solutions, click on “The Drood Inquiry”, while you can find details of our conference, held on 20 September 2014 by clicking on – you guessed it – “Drood Conference”. And don’t forget to visit our main site at http://www.droodinquiry.com to read the original story, character profiles and summaries of theories before voting for you think the story ends.

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