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Fourth monthly number: time’s postern gate

“A just question my liege. Late is the hour in which this blogger chooses to appear” TTT Time and timing is the theme of this somewhat belated post. Part V is nearly upon us, and much has already been said, … Continue reading

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Fourth monthly number: Case Notes

Not a month goes in which I do not point out the difficulty in our self-imposed limit of one page in which to summarise the monthly installment for our graphic novel, but this month more than ever the pressure is … Continue reading

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Of Serials, Killers, and Sensation

I feel I should begin with an apology to Pete for being late with my blog post. Not as late as Dickens was with the seventh installment of Edwin Drood of course, but then he did have a really good … Continue reading

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Who said it: Gove or Sapsea?

              For our international followers, allow me a moment to explain. Earlier today it was announced that the UK Government were having a reshuffle, as part of which MP Michael Gove, who has had … Continue reading

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Registration now open for ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Solutions and Resolutions’

Registration has now opened for our conference on 20 September at Senate House, London: tickets can be purchased at Ticket prices include refreshments and lunch, while the conference itself will take place in the appropriately courtroom-like state of the Senate … Continue reading

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Fourth Monthly Number, July 1870

With the death of Dickens on 9 June 1870, Edwin Drood became, for its contemporary readers, an unfinished novel, with the July 1870 instalment standing as the first fragment of that shattered, incomplete whole. It’s difficult, I think, for us … Continue reading

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