Coming of age (3): Parenthood

So far in this brief look at the process of maturity in Drood, I’ve considered the child in Deputy and the young adults in Rosa and Edwin. However what is most conspicuous about Drood is its absence of parents. Mrs Crisparkle and the Dean are the only natural parents in the text, and even then we only […]

Coming of age (2): Young adults

Last week I looked at the child figure of Deputy, but the greater focus in Drood lies on the young adults of Rosa, Edwin, Neville and Helena and their awkward position between full maturity and dependence upon a guardian. When Dickens first introduces us to Rosa, the first line in which she is described as ‘wonderfully […]

Coming of age in Drood (1): The Child

Dickens turns 203 on Saturday (that’s a lot of candles), which prompted me to consider in turn the depiction of age and growing up in Drood. Usually when discussions are held on the child in Dickens, critics turn to noted bildungsromans such as David Copperfield and Great Expectations, or the child protagonists of Oliver Twist […]