Christmas in Cloisterham

Christmas and Dickens. The two are so commonly linked in popular perception, and at this time of year not a day goes by without a different adaptation of A Christmas Carol on the television. No, Dickens did not invent the modern Christmas, but he certainly rode at the top of the wave ushering it in, […]

Holmes and Drood

It’s a good time for Victorianists to be in London; after my visit to the British Library’s Gothic exhibition last week, which featured The Mystery of Edwin Drood among its collection, I then crossed town to visit the Museum of London for their exhibition on Sherlock Holmes. With Drood still on my mind from the […]

The Gothic Imagination and Edwin Drood

There I was, taking time off to visit the excellent Gothic exhibition at the British Library, when who should I bump into but Edwin Drood (interestingly, not one of the voters on The Drood Inquiry has suggested he might be found there). The inclusion of Drood among the impressive collection of Gothic literature and culture […]