Third Monthly Number: Case Notes

Well, the latest graphical summary of the plot has just been released (see ) and as ever it raises questions of the month’s big issues. The amount of text to accompany the illustrations has increased, which seems rather fitting for an instalment in which report and speculation emerges prominent over the absolute and material. […]

The Death of the Author

On 9 June 1870 Charles Dickens died. We haven’t talked much about contemporary events so far in our readalong, but this is one that cannot be ignored, because at this moment The Mystery of Edwin Drood would change forever. What had been Dickens’s latest book now becomes his last book; a complete story in twelve parts transformed […]

‘Mrs Crisparkle’s Closet’

Earlier contributors to this blog like John and Holly have already noted some of the interesting ways in which the letterpress of The Mystery of Edwin Drood connects with the advertisements bound in with the monthly instalment, making us aware of the novel’s production and consumption within a rapidly developing commodity culture. The third monthly […]

Third Monthly Number June 1870

What is striking about this third monthly part is how much Dickens manages to pack into 32 pages and how much he demands from his readers. First of all the variety of tone and scene. We begin in Cloisterham, where the Rev Septimus tries to repair the damage Neville has done to his reputation by […]