Eye of the Tiger? Reconciling the Muscular Christian and the “Mummy’s Boy”

Rereading the second monthly part this afternoon, I was immediately struck (pardon the pun) by the opening scene of the Reverend Septimus Crisparkle ‘assisting his circulation by boxing at a looking-glass with great science and prowess’. The first time I read the novel, many moons ago, I can be forgiven for not catching this reference […]

Second monthly number: case review

The second case notes are now ready and uploaded (see them at http://droodinquiry.com/case_review/notes_two.php), and what a job it is to summarise so much in so short a space! Inevitably with each additional instalment the story becomes harder to summarise as more characters enter the fray – this is particularly an issue this month with the Crisparkle’s […]

Is it coz I is black? Ethics and ethnics in Drood.

          This month the Landless twins arrived, bringing with them an elephant into the room. No, not Honeythunder (I always saw him as more of a bull) – I’m talking about race. When they first arrive Dickens describes them as ‘very dark and rich in colour; she of almost the gypsy […]

2nd Monthly Part: May 1870

Widdy Warnings: The Death of the Author and Men of Business The first monthly part leaves Mr Jasper and the reader “to ponder on the instalment” we’ve had of Mr Sapsea’s wisdom, an instalment containing his shaped poem (I’m convinced Pete), in eulogy for his wife (or election poster for himself, lovely suggestion Sven). This […]