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Sixth monthly part: This is not the end…

And there you have it. Six parts down and six to go, and an entire readership left in perpetual anticipation. This month’s installment is a part that is as much about what is to come (or not to come) as … Continue reading

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Fifth Monthly Number: Case Notes

We’ve launched our latest case notes this week, and time again to consider what are the main elements that impact on the story this month. As Jonathan has argued here, this is the month in which Jasper’s love for Rosa … Continue reading

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

In this instalment Jasper’s revelations begin to confirm what astute readers may have already deduced; that he loves Rosa, a fact which may also be connected to Edwin’s disappearance, and possibly even the suspicions gathered around Neville. Jasper’s self-exposure in … Continue reading

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Fifth Monthly Part: ‘Full half a year had come and gone’

When we first commenced A Tale of Two Cities Week-by-Week, my first real experience in serial reading, I had various set opinions in my mind about how serialisation works. I expected the novel to tease, to set up regular cliff-hangers … Continue reading

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Fourth monthly number: time’s postern gate

“A just question my liege. Late is the hour in which this blogger chooses to appear” TTT Time and timing is the theme of this somewhat belated post. Part V is nearly upon us, and much has already been said, … Continue reading

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Fourth monthly number: Case Notes

Not a month goes in which I do not point out the difficulty in our self-imposed limit of one page in which to summarise the monthly installment for our graphic novel, but this month more than ever the pressure is … Continue reading

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Of Serials, Killers, and Sensation

I feel I should begin with an apology to Pete for being late with my blog post. Not as late as Dickens was with the seventh installment of Edwin Drood of course, but then he did have a really good … Continue reading

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