Fourth Monthly Number, July 1870

With the death of Dickens on 9 June 1870, Edwin Drood became, for its contemporary readers, an unfinished novel, with the July 1870 instalment standing as the first fragment of that shattered, incomplete whole. It’s difficult, I think, for us to remember that Edwin Drood once held the promise of being a finished novel. As […]

Third Monthly Number June 1870

What is striking about this third monthly part is how much Dickens manages to pack into 32 pages and how much he demands from his readers. First of all the variety of tone and scene. We begin in Cloisterham, where the Rev Septimus tries to repair the damage Neville has done to his reputation by […]

2nd Monthly Part: May 1870

Widdy Warnings: The Death of the Author and Men of Business The first monthly part leaves Mr Jasper and the reader “to ponder on the instalment” we’ve had of Mr Sapsea’s wisdom, an instalment containing his shaped poem (I’m convinced Pete), in eulogy for his wife (or election poster for himself, lovely suggestion Sven). This […]

Tomb Raiders

What primarily struck me about this instalment is the melancholy sense of stasis, wearisomeness, decrepitude and decomposition. It is tempting, but possibly facile, to read this tone as the sadness, or heightened sense of mortality, of an increasingly unwell, middle-aged man – a literary foreshadowing of the author’s impending death. Yet, this sense of a […]

The Drood Readalong opens at last!

Well here we are at last. On 1 April 2014, at around 8am GBT, the doors to The Drood Inquiry will open – just a fraction – as we gear up for our September launch. When you visit, you will find access to the Case Review and Character Profiles, providing you with the first […]