Coming of age (2): Young adults

Last week I looked at the child figure of Deputy, but the greater focus in Drood lies on the young adults of Rosa, Edwin, Neville and Helena and their awkward position between full maturity and dependence upon a guardian. When Dickens first introduces us to Rosa, the first line in which she is described as ‘wonderfully […]

First monthly number: case review

Today on the Drood Inquiry you can see the first part of our case notes – a graphic summary of the first monthly part and its main plot points (see ). At present of course our followers are all taking the opportunity to read the full text in its original instalments, but when the […]

Invitation to the Drood readalong

We are offering a warm invitation to one and all to join us in a Drood readalong as we countdown to the opening of the Drood Inquiry. Dickens originally published The Mystery of Edwin Drood, like all of his novels, in instalments. Thanks to the generosity of the University of Aberdeen, The Drood Inquiry now […]