Christmas in Cloisterham

Christmas and Dickens. The two are so commonly linked in popular perception, and at this time of year not a day goes by without a different adaptation of A Christmas Carol on the television. No, Dickens did not invent the modern Christmas, but he certainly rode at the top of the wave ushering it in, […]

Fourth Monthly Number, July 1870

With the death of Dickens on 9 June 1870, Edwin Drood became, for its contemporary readers, an unfinished novel, with the July 1870 instalment standing as the first fragment of that shattered, incomplete whole. It’s difficult, I think, for us to remember that Edwin Drood once held the promise of being a finished novel. As […]

First monthly number: case review

Today on the Drood Inquiry you can see the first part of our case notes – a graphic summary of the first monthly part and its main plot points (see ). At present of course our followers are all taking the opportunity to read the full text in its original instalments, but when the […]

A stranger arrived in Cloisterham…

Some specialisms get all the fun when it comes to field trips. Studying Spanish? Off to Barcelona with you! Marine studies? Caribbean it is! Archeology? Go to a car park in Leicester (hang on…). But studying English invariably involves trips to the library and no further. So when the chance for a field-trip to Cloisterham came up, […]