Fourth monthly number: Case Notes

Not a month goes in which I do not point out the difficulty in our self-imposed limit of one page in which to summarise the monthly installment for our graphic novel, but this month more than ever the pressure is keenly felt. “When shall these three meet again” in itself could occupy several pages. As […]

Third Monthly Number: Case Notes

Well, the latest graphical summary of the plot has just been released (see ) and as ever it raises questions of the month’s big issues. The amount of text to accompany the illustrations has increased, which seems rather fitting for an instalment in which report and speculation emerges prominent over the absolute and material. […]

Is it coz I is black? Ethics and ethnics in Drood.

          This month the Landless twins arrived, bringing with them an elephant into the room. No, not Honeythunder (I always saw him as more of a bull) – I’m talking about race. When they first arrive Dickens describes them as ‘very dark and rich in colour; she of almost the gypsy […]

First monthly number: case review

Today on the Drood Inquiry you can see the first part of our case notes – a graphic summary of the first monthly part and its main plot points (see ). At present of course our followers are all taking the opportunity to read the full text in its original instalments, but when the […]

A word from the illustrator

The world of Dickens’s last book will be rendered more tangible for The Drood Inquiry thanks to the wonderful illustrations of Alys Jones ( Here, Alys explains the process of creating new visualisations of Dickens’s characters, along with the particular challenges and influences on her work for the project. Producing illustrations for The Drood Inquiry […]