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Fourth monthly number: Case Notes

Not a month goes in which I do not point out the difficulty in our self-imposed limit of one page in which to summarise the monthly installment for our graphic novel, but this month more than ever the pressure is … Continue reading

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Third Monthly Number: Case Notes

Well, the latest graphical summary of the plot has just been released (see http://droodinquiry.com/case_review/ ) and as ever it raises questions of the month’s big issues. The amount of text to accompany the illustrations has increased, which seems rather fitting … Continue reading

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Is it coz I is black? Ethics and ethnics in Drood.

          This month the Landless twins arrived, bringing with them an elephant into the room. No, not Honeythunder (I always saw him as more of a bull) – I’m talking about race. When they first arrive … Continue reading

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First monthly number: case review

Today on the Drood Inquiry you can see the first part of our case notes – a graphic summary of the first monthly part and its main plot points (see http://www.droodinquiry.com/case_review/ ). At present of course our followers are all … Continue reading

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A word from the illustrator

The world of Dickens’s last book will be rendered more tangible for The Drood Inquiry thanks to the wonderful illustrations of Alys Jones (http://alystration.wordpress.com/). Here, Alys explains the process of creating new visualisations of Dickens’s characters, along with the particular … Continue reading

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