Who said it: Gove or Sapsea?


For our international followers, allow me a moment to explain. Earlier today it was announced that the UK Government were having a reshuffle, as part of which MP Michael Gove, who has had a controversial career as Minister for Education, was the shock announcement as he was moved out of his post into Chief Whip. As Twitter went alight with comments and speculation, here at the Drood Inquiry we felt that Mr Gove’s reputation for holding himself and his opinion in high esteem seemed rather familiar, and so decided to take a moment to reflect on the career of Mr Gove in that ‘solemn donkey’ of Cloisterham, Mr Sapsea. Throughout the day we posted quotes from Gove and Sapsea to invite our followers to guess who said which. The tweets have now been storified here: https://storify.com/PeteOrford/who-said-that-gove-or-sapsea and we will post the answers in the comment section below later this week – have fun guessing!

Published by Pete Orford

I'm course director of the MA in Charles Dickens Studies at the University of Buckingham in conjunction with the Dickens Museum in London. I am currently editing Pictures from Italy for the Oxford Dickens collection, and I'm Chief Investigator for The Drood Inquiry (www.droodinquiry.com). My book "The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Charles Dickens’s unfinished novel and our endless attempts to end it" was published by Pen and Sword Books in 2018.

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  1. As promised, here are the answers to the quiz – did you guess them all correctly?

    1 – Gove
    2 – Sapsea
    3 – Sapsea
    4 – Gove
    5 – Sapsea
    6 – Gove
    7 – Sapsea
    8 – Gove
    9 – Sapsea
    10 – Gove

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